The Benefits of Scan-to-BIM for the Construction Industry


Countless construction sites have been surveyed manually over the years, and crews on-site have worked off the plans that were developed based on that data. The industry consensus was that some plans were simply more accurate than others; it’s just a by-product of that process.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

Laser scanning captures detailed data and enables the creation of an extremely accurate 3D depiction of a scanned area.

Scan-to-BIM enables the 3D depiction to be used with design tools, like Autodesk’s Revit, so the model can be updated to sync with reality in real-time. This creates benefits for everyone involved in the construction process, including contractors.

Read this complimentary white paper to learn about the benefits of laser scanning and scan-to-BIM and how there’s a solution to fit every budget.

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