Complimentary White Paper: 5 Worker-Related to Hurdles to BIM Adoption

How to Overcome Obstacles to BIM Adoption

Contrary to popular belief, resistance to BIM adoption may be more about people than technology.

There are many questions around adoption of new technology and how contractors can get their workers and teams to change their daily workflows. So, how do you convince your workers to try something new, especially when they’ve had problems with new technology in the past?

U.S. CAD’s latest whitepaper uncovers the real roadblocks to BIM adoption and success. We will explore why you must understand the hurdles to adoption and highlight best practices on how to successfully overcome these hurdles, including five areas to focus on:

  • General mistrust of new technology
  • Fear that technology will replace workers
  • Difficulty showing ROI and creating buy-in
  • Misunderstanding risk
  • Lacking standardization

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